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Strong Design

Solid design principles are the foundation of a great landscape. Your outdoor space must fit your lifestyle needs and desires as well as being a space of beauty and relaxation. At Bloomscape we have experienced designers on staff who can take your landscape dreams and make them into your reality. Whether you need a small garden design or a quote on an extensive commercial project, we have both the experience and creativity to deliver the landscape of your dreams

Strong Horticultural Backround

Bloomscapers are plant people first! Lara, Ann, and Ellen have over 30 years collective experience working in the garden centre industry as designers, growers, and managers! We are all passionate about great plants and plant combinations and never stop researching new and exciting product to use in our designs. On the academic side, we are both past and current students of horticultural programs through Guelph University and Humber College and some of us continue taking courses every year to stay at the top of our game!

Four Season Color and Interest

Whether we're designing a planter or an entire landscape, we want to see something beautiful 12 months of the year. For our container gardening clients, we offer a seasonal change-up service where we take down a planting before it starts to look tired and change it up with a stunning new combination for the next season. For in-the-ground landscapes, we give careful attention to how different areas of the landscape look as the seasons progress. A beautiful and functional landscape is a living thing; always changing; always beautiful.

Personalized to Your Lifestyle

The best landscape or planter design is the one that works for you. If you want the beauty and serenity of a well kept garden, but know that you don't have the time to putter in it, then we design for a low maintenance lifestyle. Everything is taken into consideration to make your outdoor space work for you: irrigation systems so you don't have to worry about watering; outdoor lighting so you can enjoy your space whenever you have the time; plant choices that are beautiful and fuss-free. Do you have kids? Dogs?? Iguanas??? Don't worry. We can design a beautiful outdoor space that works for everyone.

Our Clients


“I want to say how much I enjoyed my "new landscaping" experience working with you and Ellen.  You are both very knowledgeable and talented designers (to say nothing of your "all hands on deck" work attitude”...