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Why Planters?

Planters are mini gardens that aren't limited to large outdoor spaces! You can put a planter anywhere--on a rooftop or balcony, at your front doors, on your patio or dining area--indoors or out. Soften your space with living, breathing greenery--proven to help people relax and better enjoy their environment. Brighten your space with vivid tropical colours to excite and arouse the senses. Enclose your space with lush plant life to give a sense of intimacy and romance. Beautiful planters can make an ordinary space extraordinary.

The Four Seasons of Planters:

Mother Nature doesn't hang up her trowel after Labour Day--why should your planters stand empty and dull, or worse, filled with dead brown plant material? Fall is one of nature's most spectacular seasons, rich with vibrant colour and texture--why not your planters too? Winter sparkles with layered evergreens and punches of bright berries and twigs. Spring dances with fresh young colour that lifts the spirits and dares you to dream of the summer days to come. Four season planters invite you to savour the extraordinary beauty of our Canadian seasons.




Our Clients


“I want to say how much I enjoyed my "new landscaping" experience working with you and Ellen.  You are both very knowledgeable and talented designers (to say nothing of your "all hands on deck" work attitude”...