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Strong History in Designing and Maintaining Restaurant Patios and Entrances

Bloomscape began as a small company of two designers (Lara and Ellen) who saw a need for personalized service in the restaurant industry. Our first clients came to us when we worked in a large garden centre setting and we quickly saw that each client had very particular requirements and absolutely no time to design, install, and maintain the kind of plantings their businesses needed.

After a great deal of research and talking to prospective clients, Lara and Ellen launched Bloomscape as a full service horticulture and design company that takes care of commercial planting needs from design to installation to maintenance to take-down and clean-up.

Our client list includes both franchised and corporate restaurants such as: The Keg Steakhouse, Moxie's Classic Grill, Milestones, Kelsey's, Spoon and Fork, as well as various independents.

Four Season Color and Interest

When a customer walks by your establishment, you want them to look over and say: 'Wow--that looks great! That must be a pretty nice place!" This is exactly the kind of reaction Bloomscape clients receive on a regular basis. Everyone understands the importance of curb appeal. And when your curb appeal is competing for the attention of customers with that of competitors next door, down the street, across the way--you need to look good every day of the year. Bloomscape's Four Season Planter program provides your establishment with a visually stimulating and welcoming vista from season to season. 

Individualized Designs

Of course you can walk down to the corner grocer and pick up some inexpensive baskets to plop in an urn or two. And they might look pretty good for a few weeks. But without consideration for your location's needs (sun, wind, irrigation, traffic), most one-size-fits all planters won't fill the bill for long. Bloomscape takes horticultural design one step further: we take into consideration the style of your establishment (contemporary, traditional, Asian inspired, Mediterranean, etc.), your corporate colours and building design, as well as the physical requirements of the site. What we give our clients is a customized horticultural presentation that you won't find anywhere else.

Proven to Attract Costumers



Our Clients

Our Clients


“I want to say how much I enjoyed my "new landscaping" experience working with you and Ellen.  You are both very knowledgeable and talented designers (to say nothing of your "all hands on deck" work attitude”...