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About Bloomscape

Our Story

Owner/operators Lara and Ellen began thinking about Bloomscape in early 2009 after talking to potential clients who came into the garden centre, but were unable to get a gardening service that catered to their needs. These clients were businesses and private individuals who wanted a service offering a horticultural solution that would make them look good and not break the bank.

These people had a few things in common:

  1. They didn't have time to do the job themselves, or the time to go out to a florist or garden centre to find what they needed. 

  2. They did want to work with people who knew their plants and who wouldn't give them a product that wilted/died soon after installation.

  3. They wanted their outdoor décor to be taken care of by professionals who would look after all the 'dirty' details for them.

In early 2010, Lara and Ellen left the garden centre and offered their service to 5 restaurants and about the same number of residential clients. The next year their client base had expanded over five times and had close to 3 dozen clients. Lara and Ellen brought Ann on board to help keep up with the design and installations and hired Cameron and Mike to take over the maintenance of Bloomscape's summer patio clients. Through most of the year it's still just Lara and Ellen with Ann helping out when seasonal design/installs step up. With a four season business, there's always something new to work on... and the upcoming season to plan for!

Bloomscape is thriving, just like its gardens and planters; we hope you'll join us as we continue to grow and bloom!

Landscape Designer: Lara Cottrell


Container Designer: Ellen Hall

Landscapes Architect: Kate Allen


Container Design Consultant: Ann Fabris 

Our Clients


“I want to say how much I enjoyed my "new landscaping" experience working with you and Ellen.  You are both very knowledgeable and talented designers (to say nothing of your "all hands on deck" work attitude”...

Lara has a background in graphic design in the software industry, but made a mid-life career shift to follow her passion for horticultural design. For 5 years she worked with Sheridan Nurseries in many capacities (from sales associate to store manager), while studying horticulture and landscape design at Humber College and Guelph University. Lara met Ellen while working at a Sheridan Nurseries garden centre.

Ellen's passion for plants and design prompted her to leave a busy career as a legal assistant to study at the Canadian Institute of Floral Design. From there she worked as a custom designer for Sheridan Nurseries where she led seminars and workshops. Ellen also did planter designs for a growing list of friends, family, and neighbours. As her reputation expanded, it was an easy call to make when she met Lara and they started talking about forming a business of their own.

Ann was one of the founding people in container design for Sheridan Nurseries. For close to a dozen years Ann helped to grow a thriving part of the garden centre industry. While she honed her considerable design skills, Ann developed and ran innumerable seminars and workshops for Sheridan teaching people how to do great container design. Ann is truly one of the first and still the best in this growing field. 

Our Crew

Mike Hall and Cameron Cottrell